Little Exorcisms

by Stephen James Buckley

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All songs written/performed/recorded/mixed by Stephen James Buckley in October/November 2013

Except for Golden Mean, which was written around August 2012 but I decided to re-record it because the original version, which I released on "Bedroom Tapes Volume 2" wasn't good enough.

"For him personally, his song is only a scream. Art for the artist is only suffering, through which he releases himself for further suffering. He is not a giant, but only a more or less brightly plumaged bird in the cage of his existence" - Kafka


released November 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Stephen James Buckley UK

Stephen writes and records songs in his room. He plays all the instruments.

Stephen releases his music for free on the internet, and occasionally plays live. He has a voice like 7 years bad luck.

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Track Name: Mr Microscope
Prescription on repeat
A scene that he'll delete
Rendered obsolete
Imperfect numbers
Grinding of the teeth
Wrapped in stainless sheets
Analysis complete
Zoom and focus

Mr Microscope cannot close his eyes
Sick of the sight of it all so magnified

Mouth tastes like defeat
He's never been discreet
Now he walks the street
Declining invites

Mr Microscope
Never gets suprised
Sick of the sound of it all so magnified
Clockwork devil just behind his eyes
Track Name: Control Is King Of Everything
A pound of flesh is more or less
The only thing that matters
Blood and guts all scattered round the waiting room

Hollow, hungry,and disturbed
Boy, that monkey's got a nerve
To even think that he deserves much better

I stayed at home and wrote a song
It's easier than getting along with countless number ones
Who mean so well, they mean so well

A pound of flesh is more or less
The only way to keep you
Secretary seats you in the waiting room

You're the spider on my spine
You're the devil in my eyes
Yeah you got my by suprise this time around

I stayed at home and wrote a song
It's easier than getting along with countless number ones
Who mean so well, they mean so well

Control is king of everything
Track Name: Golden Mean
Golden Mean, you are cruel to me
So cruel to me, and so damn hard to please
Golden Mean, you and her and me
We make quite the team
We're one unlucky three

So many shining examples with which I can't hope to compete

Oh how right you were
And oh how wrong I was
Oh how wrong I was
Just because

Golden Mean, chewing nails and chatter-teeth
Chewing nails and chatter-teeth
Beautifully discreet
Golden Mean, with your ratios so sweet
Oh so fucking sweet
Repeat Repeat Repeat

So many shining examples I've got to learn acceptance and defeat

Golden Mean
You want me on my knees
You like me on my knees
So damn hard to please
Track Name: I Think Of You Everytime I Hear Sirens
Amateur calamity,
You try to create some disturbance in the air
So that everyone sympathises
Courting catastrophe
You've got a date but I won't be taking you there
I'm wise to your disguises

I think of you everytime i hear sirens, you know

You keep showing up in A & E
Over and over and over and over again
And I replace your dressings
Passed out in the passenger seat
You showed up late and I wrote you a list of excuses
For those you're intent on impressing

Every gift I gave
You sold on to feed the cravings
There are some patients way beyond saving

Amateur calamity
You try to give a decent explanation
For the ambulance in your driveway
I've seen it all and I heard it before
I gave you the world then gave you some more
Now I'm giving up entirely

I thnk of you everytime I hear sirens, you know